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#ridingwithbiden We have 2 weeks to engage voters and get the votes cast! let’s go! Dig deep - Let’s keep SMASHING early voting records! #earlyvoting #bidenharris2020 #voterchallengeva — in United States .

Vote early pumpkins

Making good trouble out in Leesburg at the Crooked Brewery! Network NoVA is doing our Talk and Shop for #earlyvotewin #earlyvoteva #VoterChallengeVA

Making good trouble

@pondfamily takes the #VoterChallengeVA I challenge @DrEricDing @IndivisibleArl and @arl4justice to vote early, post your experience and challenge 3 people! #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

Pond family challenge

Was finally able to #VoteEarly In-Person! Turned in my Mail-In ballot and went and voted In-Person - Easy Peasy! I voted in Honor of the 211,000 innocent souls that perished due to Covid-19. And I challenge @SallyFrizzell @BridgetBlack and @MarcoDelmar to Vote Early, share your experience and challenge friends/family members! Make sure to include: #VoterChallengeVA

Virginia Voters w masks

#VoterChallengeVA We voted early in person in Arlington. I am voting in honor of my paternal grandparents who courted in the early 1910s through correspondence that discussed the latest women's suffrage tracts. My grandfather had to go to work right after High school but in due course financed undergraduate studies for 2 younger sisters (and read their textbooks), and later supported graduate studies for his wife.

Virginia Voters w masks

Rome is a future voter! So glad to have met both of them. We share a love of our boots. Today is the last day for his fancy boots, well worn and loved, happy holes in the toes! #VoterChallengeVA #VoterChallengeVA

future voter!

Greeting voters on a beautiful fall morning. It's a short line right now. #VoterChallengeVA #VoteEarly #VoteEarly2020 #FfxDems

beautiful fall morning.!

Woot Woot! Virginia Keep leading in EARLY VOTING! Safe, secure and easy! Early Voting lasts through October 31st! Vote Like a Girl which means make a plan and cast your ballot! #VoterChallengeVA

Shout out to Virginia!

LOVE! Network NoVA gals on our Early Vote Win trip to Williamsburg! #earlyvoting #VoterChallengeVA


My personality match is vote by mail. What's yours? Take the Joe Biden campaign quiz to find out which voting method matches your personality. #voterchallengeva #voteearlyWIN


I waited 1,429 days for this moment! #VoterChallengeVA #wofa #VoteOutRacistinChief #VoteVets

voters wi masks

malar ajamani
I voted because
I care for the
soul of my country

mala rajamani

Just one more reason to #VoteEarly and take part in #VoterChallengeVA

Just one more reason to Vote Early

Voting early in VA #VoterChallengeVA

Voting for Biden Harris


Got our ballots and are ready to vote in honor of Justice Ginsburg – Equality and Decency.

Family and Vote Early sign

Yo Voto por los que todavia no puede hacerlo. Es un privilegio poder votar tambien!

Yo Voto por los que todavia no puede hacerlo.

I vote for those who still can't do it. It's a privilege to vote for a better future and I hope one day you can vote too! Please Vote.
This is my ballot about to be put in the dropbox! I voted! #VoterchallengeVA

Besides voting today, I doubled the amount of my total political donations this year. I challenge each of you to do the same if you are able to.

ballot box

Tuesdays are for voting! Reminded of the late great Thor D. Hesla who said that senior citizens wake up on Tuesdays and automatically check if it’s Election Day. I’ve voted in every single election since I turned 18 so I’m feeling pretty old. Alexandria, the line was short but holding steady. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Nice looking out Alexandria Democratic Committee ! #voterchallengeva #ivotedva

voting in Alexandria

"I am Boo. I have a plan to vote - da u? I am voting in honor of our mailman. He visits me almost every day...makes me feel pretty special." Take the #voterchallengeva I challenge Ada, Maggie & Happy Lynn LaColla Barnsback Amy Abbott Stair Calhoun Go to VA Grassroots Coalition website to learn more! Woof!

Boo and vote Early sign

NB taking part in #VoterChallengeVA in honor of her grandfather - who, in 1915, was an activist in for Women's Suffrage!

voting in Alexandria

Chris R24 @ChrisRinggold25
jtevans @jbugcoop Sep 21 (retweet)

#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #voterchallengeva #VoteBidenHarris2020 #OurVoteIsPower


Del. Hala Ayala
Grandma is voting for the first time in 89 years for @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris! We discussed the ballot & at one point I panicked, because she said she was going to vote for someone else. She was kidding, thank goodness, whew! I love you Grandma! So proud of you!


Caught up with Jack Kiraly, FCDC Executive Director, this morning at the Fairfax County Government Center. Today (Sept 18) starts the 45 day voting season where every registered Virginian can early vote. Make a plan to vote and challenge your friends to get out and cast their ballot early. #VoterChallengeVA #VoteEarlyWin

Voted early
and it felt so good!
#BidenHarris2020 #MarkWarner #DonMcEachin #VoterChallengeVA

charlotte mcconnell
I took the #VoterChallengeVA Do you have a plan to #Vote I will be thinking about #RBG when I cast my #AbsenteeBallot May her memory always be a blessing

charlotte mcconnell

Today I exercised my right to vote! Dig the @lillarogers artwork. #voterchallengeva

beverly harrison

You can see Nyx Hauth and me in the circle of this Birdseye view photo from an hour ago. No one is leaving—but the elections office is moving people through as quickly and safely as possible!! #voterchallengeva I challenge Meron Yohannes, Alicia Plerhoples & Melanie Meren to post your picture of voting!!l


I voted in-person at the Arlington Courthouse on the first day of early voting. It took just a few minutes and all I used for my ID was my voter registration card... very easy! And absolutely everyone was wearing a mask. Vote early! #VoteEarly #voterchallengeva


mark warner
Voting starts today in Virginia! This is your chance to make your voice heard, so make sure to cast your ballot. Then, take a selfie to show everyone how you're making your voice heard for the #VoterChallengeVA. There's still time to register: #EarlyVoteVA

markw arner

#EarlyVoting is underway in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I voted at the central location in Arlington this morning. #VoterChallengeVA -check. It's a challenge that does not involve ice buckets, but is just as refreshing. #BoatersForVoters #VoteEarly #voterchallengeva


holly hazzard
#VoteEarlyWIN ! #WinningIsTheOnlyOption Do the #VoterChallengeva! Who are you voting in honor of ... Join us at #VoteEarlyWIN #VoterChallengeVA.

holly hazzard

I challenge Fairfax County School Board members FCPS en Español - Fairfax County Public Schools - Ricardy Anderson, Chair and my local Mason District school board member, Melanie Meren, Stella Pekarsky, Sully District Member, Fairfax County School Board, Karen Keys-Gamarra, Laura Jane Cohen, Abrar Omeish, Rachna Sizemore Heizer, Fairfax County School Board Member at Large, to make a plan to vote, share their plan to vote on social media and challenge three others to #VoteEarlyWIN #VoterChallengeVA.


kathy tran
Early absentee voting in Virginia starts in two days on 9/18 - I can’t wait to cast my ballot for @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @MarkWarnerVA @ElectConnolly ! Make a plan to vote early and avoid long lines on Election Day! #BuildBackBetter #VoterChallengeVA

kathy tran

Congressman Bobby  Scott
Virginia, early voting starts today! Make sure you have a plan to vote by going to and challenge your friends to make a plan to vote early. Join the #VoterChallengeVA! Vote early. Win.

Everything is on the line this election.


Challenges her whole family!
Dan Helmer
Great to be with @NetworkVirginia to kick off early voting in Virginia — fired up to cast my #Vote for @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris, @MarkWarnerVA, and @JenniferWexton! #VoterChallengeVA

Dan Helmer

Qasim Rashid for Congress Virginia VA-1 Challenges Sharon
robbin warner
Twitter post @civilrightsorg Twitter post @civilrightsorg I registered to Vote!